Our History

Metis and First Nations

Early settlers moved to Mallard in 1895. They moved to Mallard due to the abundance of wild game such as moose, deer, ducks and fishing. They dug Seneca root, picked wild berries such as saskatoons and respberries. There was also plenty of hay land, they had hunted, fished and farmed cattle horses.

Welcome to MallardThe community was named after a small lake that was within 2 kms of the community, known as Enniship Lake which means Mallard Lake. This lake was full of ducks and located on the east side, the size is 2 kms long and 1.5 kms wide.

The first school house was built in 1916 and lasted 20 years. 6-15 children attended. It was built out of logs and had a mud roof. Hay was cut and mixed with clay to build houses; all houses were built out of logs and mud.

The community was growing as more moved to Mallard. The community built a bigger school in 1936 to accommodate the attendance increase. This school was built along the lakeshore. There were no roads or hydro at this time. Children attended this school until 1970, at this time Mallard children started attending school in the community of Waterhen, which is 15 kms away. There were no buses and a truck was used to transport the children to school.

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